Best Wireless Power Bank- Forget Tangled Charging Cables!

Now you can charge your phone anywhere WIRELESSLY without cables! Wireless charging on-the-go with this powerful and fast Power Bank is a game changer!

Works with ANY Wireless Charging Compatible smartphone including iphone, and Android. 

A real MUST HAVE for travels, expeditions, hikes, boat voyages or any long days out on a journey. Leave the awkward tangled charging cables behind! 

The Blitzwolf Wireless Power Bank is by far the best portable wireless phone charger we have found here at Riddge. This powerful and fast power bank combines both the massive convenience of "Wireless Charging"  with the on-the-go "Portability" of a large capacity power bank. You can rest assured that on those long travel days, extended hikes and epic adventures you will not be left with a dead phone at those crucial moments when you need it most.

Boasting 10,000mAh of power this awesome little travel companion can charge up to 4 devices at one time! 1 wireless charging compatible device AND 3 wired devices. Total output of 18 watts. Amazing speed for super fast charging is yet another highlight of this well built friendly piece of electronic beauty. 

The Blitzwolf Wireless Phone Charger will soon have you wondering how you ever lived without this seemingly simple product that provides untold convenience and saves precious time at the most critical of life's challenges. 

So if you are ready to be completely DONE fumbling around with wired charging cables (and really- who isn't?) then do yourself a favor and get your hands on this wonderful device that provides you with the latest modern convenience of "Portable Wireless" phone charging. Better yet buy one for each of your closest friends and family! They will love you for it. Making someone's life easier is the best gift to give.


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  • This is by far the best charger on the market. I have purchase at least 5 different charger over the last few years. None of them were wireless chargers. This is the only one you need while traveling. It is amazing how may devices one can charge with this. The wireless feature is the best. It can be used in your hotel, car and can charge three different devices at the same time and seem to last forever. It is worth the price for anyone that wants quality.

    Guy Liford

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